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Rules & Regulations

  • After admission every Student is issued an identity card.
  • A student is always required to keep his/her ID card whenever he/she is in the institute. The student who has not paid his/her fees on time is considered to be a fee defaulter.
  • A fee defaulter is not authorized to attend the class and can only resume in his/her batch after paying the fees Non Payment of The Fees.
  • The institute is not liable to arrange for the cover up sessions, the student has missed because of Fee once paid is neither refundable nor transferrable.
  • Every student is expected to maintain 100 % attendance record to get full benefit of the course. However minimum 90 % attendance should be maintained at any cost.
  • Smoking/Chewing Pan/Tobacco is strictly prohibited and fine is Rs. 500.00 Student should be in discipline and should maintain the decorum of the Study Centre.

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